Web3 Ecosystem

We have designed a new ecosystem integrating both

NFTs and our utility token to create unique opportunities 
for our players.

Our Assets

BAS Utility Token


The BAS utility token is an ERC20 token on the Binance Smart Chain and will be an essential holding for players to access the Battle Pass and receive rewards to upgrade their NFTs. The token is also used to mint exclusive NFT skins and is utilised as collateral to back the NFT.


Gamester NFTs


The Gamester NFT collection represents the premium ecosystem pass for players as well as being an essential building block for Tribes (Player Guilds). Gamester NFTs will provide breeding discounts and be turned into passive reward farms providing players with a constant stream of reward tokens.


Ape Character NFTs


The Ape Character NFTs will be the main protagonists of our games. They are encoded with:

Level Progression: Progress from Baby - Adult - Elder with levels from 1-150. As Apes progress they gain stat points as well as breeding potential.

Augmentable Stats: Health, Strength, Agility, Intelligence and Luck.


Randomised Traits: There is a pool of 12 traits, each ape is born

Breeding:Using breeding pods, Merry Berry tokens and a male-female NFT ape duo players can breed and pass down their traits to a baby ape.


Ecosystem Tokens


These tokens are all won progressing through the battle pass or passively farmed with the gamester NFTs with the exception of breeding pods that can be purchased from the store.


Bananas - Used to level up ape levels

Merry Berry - Used for breeding apes

Breeding pods - Contain a genetic code that acts as the base to breed a new baby ape.

Common NFT Skins


Common skins are won via progressing through the battle pass and have no collateral to back them. These NFTs will be purely aesthetic within the games and will only be mintable via the battle pass progression. Additionally there is a seasonal rare skin unlocked late into the Battle Pass.

Exclusive NFT Skins


Exclusive skins will be released seasonally as a result of in-house artistic development or branded partnerships. These skins will be sold on the BAS store and require BAS to be minted. 10% of the BAS is paid as a fee to the developers and the other 90% is locked and acts as collateral to the NFT, which the user can destroy to recover his/her BAS tokens.

value to players

The Ecosystem has been designed to provide players with an authentic new and more equitable gaming experience  with regards to asset ownership.


how it works?

The ecosystem will be accessible through a series of portals to support the games. As players participate in our games and collect/level up digital assets they can interact with them on our webapp or trade them in our marketplace.

  • icon_marketplace.png

    NFT Marketplace

    The NFT Marketplace will support all ecosystem assets and present the on-chain metadata state of them. There is a 4% royalty on all trades.

  • icon_launcher.png


    Games will provide utility to NFTs, allowing players to customise their game strategy and aesthetic look. Players with a battle pass can level it up to unlock NFTs and reward tokens for use on the webapp and marketplace.

  • icon_launchpad.png

    NFT Webapp

    The Webapp will support the following features: NFT Minting Character Breeding Tribes Management Seasonal Leaderboards


Block Ape Scissors is a Binance incubated web3 gaming studio focused on the development of fun, interactive and innovative experiences that empower players through blockchain verified asset ownership.