Battle across Arcas with your friends and claim victory! Arcas aims to revolutionise e-sports and gaming by introducing web3 features that empower players like never before. Learn more on our dapp.

Arcas Champions


Arcas Champions is an  Unreal Engine 5 third person competitive shooter that combines fast paced gunplay with high impact abilities in team v team objective based modes to create the perfect blend of competitive gaming.



Our revolutionary web3 protocol blends revenue share, DAO governance and play 2 earn in order to create the perfect balance between players, Arcas investors and the game developers.


The Esports Gaming EVM Layer 2 on BNB Chain blending Skillstaking and AI anti-cheat to set a new standard for Esports Gaming.

Ape Banana Miner NFT


Purchase a Banana Miner NFT and join a staking pool to boost your APRs and mine as many Banana tokens as possible pre-launch as possible! 

Banana Token


Banana will be the governance, gas and validator token of Banana Smart Chain. The token has not yet been released so stay tuned!


Block Ape Scissors is a Binance incubated web3 gaming studio focused on the development of fun, interactive and innovative experiences that empower players through blockchain verified asset ownership.